The Free Tea Party

18 Sep

It’s universal wisdom: people gather around food and drinks. At SPREAD YOUR LOVE, we previously invited you to anonymously pay for someone’s coffee or to bake goodies and share them with strangers. This time, we will try to inspire you with Guisepi‘s story who took Edna (the Tea Bus) on a tour across the USA to offer free tea wherever they would stop. No matter where they are, there is always a bunch of happy people sharing precious moments around warm cups of tea. It’s both love in the cups and in the hearts! Seeing strangers gather around Guisepi’s improvised nomadic tea house is organic fuel to boost your faith in the goodness of people. Happy faces instantly connect, hug, and dance to the sound of folk guitars and drums. After all, old wisdom says it better: “tea is the cup that cheers but does not inebriate“. We are so thankful that there are people like Guisepi to create original ways to connect around love. Cheers to him, to Edna and to all the people who are sipping their tea while celebrating togetherness!



☞ Check out where Guisepi is at the moment and head there for your a warm cup of tea!


☞ How about you sit in the park and brew tea for strangers (remember, they are just friends you haven’t met yet)

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