Finding the goodness of people

20 Sep

Benjamin loves people so much that he ventured on a long road-trip across the USA to meet as many people as he could and to share their goodness. He hitchhiked alone from California to Maine, documenting the kindness he experienced from all the beautiful people he encountered. Over 1,000 strangers spreading love to him by giving him rides, food, hugs, and opening their homes and hearts. 5,000 miles and 3,000 photographs later, Benjamin is finally presenting his 3-minute film condensing the human adventure. His dream is now to make this video viral so as to bring smiles to people but also to encourage anyone to trust in the goodness of people. He insists that fear should NOT be a factor to stay at home. This video is therefore both a great boost to embrace your dreams and a clever way to show how much love people harbor deep inside. Trust the universe, hit the road!


☞ Help him make this video viral by spreading it all over.

☞ Benjamin has also released his new website dedicated to sharing travel tips to help you on your journey.


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