The Burek Brides bring love to Camden

17 Sep

Disclaimer: Wearing a SPREAD YOUR LOVE T-shirt may propel you to spread love in your streets. You may spontaneously hug strangers, create smiles and bring kindness to many people. Psst! Click to get yours!

When our beloved Tatania (Croatia) recently ordered her third T-shirt, we knew she was brewing some kind of special love concoct. Along with her longtime friend and sidekick Svetlana, the ‘Burek Brides‘ invaded the streets of Camden, London and in a few hours, they turned this beautiful neighborhood into a harmonious love hub. Simply experiencing a few wonderful smiles (especially from two happy girls) can often help make you feel good about yourself and about life in general. Smile and make others smile, it’s as simple as that. Discover their way to spread love to others and see how little things can bring about big changes in people…Watch their magic.




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