Love Your Earrings: handcrafted custom jewelry

10 Sep

SUPPORT OUR SUPPORTERS Presents: Our beloved love spreader and creator of Love Your Earrings, Cryztal Wong (Los Angeles, California). 

Cryztal makes and sells one of a kind handcrafted custom earrings and hair extensions that have healing powers. Inspired by renowned scholar, Edgar Cayce, she has studied and decided to incorporate the healing properties of aura colors in fashion jewelry. We fully support Crystal in her design for life! Surround yourself with the aura colors and qualities that you want to emphasize! **Made with 100% Extra LOVE!**


*When you purchase any Love Your Earrings item, a 10% donation will be sent to KORAKOR. She is kindly loving it forward to support IT’SKOOL our free educational program around the world! Make sure you mention KORAKOR whenever you purchase an item.



2 Responses to “Love Your Earrings: handcrafted custom jewelry”

  1. irishjewellerystore January 17, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    This is really a good work to donate some amount on money for educational program around the world…..The name Love Your Earrings easily catches the heart of anyone and also spread love in everyone….I really appreciate an idea for helping others……Thanks for the post…..


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    […] Author KORAKOR STAFF ← Love Your Earrings: handcrafted custom jewelry […]

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