Angels in the Dust

9 Sep

Louise Hogarth‘s documentary chronicles the extraordinary efforts of Marion Cloete, a university-trained therapist who left a privileged life in Johannesburg to establish Botshabelo a sanctuary for South African children orphaned by the AIDS virus. Hogarth’s touch is nearly undetectable, but it’s nothing short of wondrous to watch these scarred, abused children transform into sprightly, self-aware cherubs under Cloete’s unwavering care. This trailer should be enough to feed the fire laying dormant inside of you! Go out and do something for someone!!!




☞ Volunteer with Botshabelo and help Marion make the lives of hundreds more wonderful. Write them for more info: 

☞ Help us send them tons of love with our SEND YOUR LOVE event


One Response to “Angels in the Dust”


  1. SEND YOUR LOVE: Orphanage in South Africa « SPREAD YOUR LOVE - September 10, 2011

    […] bring many smiles to the Botshabelo children of South Africa. Their story is a very moving one (click here) and this is precisely why KORAKOR has nominated them for our SEND YOUR LOVE […]

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